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Papillon Rescue of the North East (PRONE) is a fairly new rescue group, but comprised of rescue veterans who have been in the "business" of saving Papillons and Pomeranians for many years. We have now come together to join forces and strengthen our abilities. Our mission continues to be focused on the rescue, rehabiliation, and lifetime health and happiness of the dogs placed in our care.


Rescued Hearts

Taking care of rescue dogs
Is something I do best.
I know because I've done it,
And I've surely passed the test.
The dogs I've bathed, the food I've fed,
The vacuuming I've done,
And all to watch a frightened soul
Sit dreaming in the sun.
My own dogs I've neglected,
But I tell them everyday
That I love and cherish each of them
Though a new dog's come to stay.
I know they understand this,
For in their eyes I see
The love that I have given them
Come shining back at me.
Some people think I'm crazy,
Some others think I'm great.
But very few can understand
What really is at stake.
If I can love and help a dog
To find a better way,
My own life is much richer,
I look forward to each day.
So now you know my secret,
It's there for all to see,
The love I give, the life I save,
I do it all for me.
~~ Kathleen Parsons


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